About CGAS

The Cape Town Centre for Group Analytic Studies offers part-time training programmes and courses to mental health professionals and people working with and/or interested in groups. The courses introduce a group analytic perspective and the adaptation of this perspective to the South African context. Courses combine experiential learning through a group process, theory seminars and lectures, and supervision.

The rationale for the establishment of the centre was to develop and expand group therapy in Cape Town, and to offer group analytic thinking as a tool to understand and work with the small, median and large group demands of post-Apartheid South Africa.

At present there are 3 courses on offer: an Introductory Group Psychotherapy Experience and Training Programme, an Intermediate Group Psychotherapy Experience and Training Programme, and a course introducing Group Analytic Concepts in Educational Settings.

The centre also offers long term group therapy and ongoing supervision for graduates of the programmes.

Quarterly lectures are open to the public and further workshops, events and groups are advertised on an ad hoc basis.