Adult Psychotherapy Group

This group is aimed at stable and capable individuals who would like to further work on themselves and/or who wish for a safe, reflective and supportive space in which they can grow by gradually making authentic contact with other human beings.  Members are encouraged to be open with the group and to share their own impressions and understandings of each other, their interactions in the room, and their broader lives.  This process provides many healing and growth promoting  opportunities and will appeal to those who are psychologically minded or who already have some experience of therapy and wish to continue the journey of psychological growth and discovery.

All applicants first meet individually with the group conductor to assess whether this psychotherapy group will meet their needs and then again to prepare them to enter the group.  Applicants must be able to commit to and attend the group psychotherapy in an ongoing and consistent way.

Location: Kenilworth

Time: 17:30 – 19:00

Days: Mondays

Size: 9 people

Cost: Medical Aid Rates Apply

Contact: VINCENZO SINISI (Psychoanalyst / Clinical Psychologist / Group Analyst)