Community Service Psychologists’ Support Group

This group is aimed at clinical psychologists who are completing their year of community service in the Western Cape. The purpose of the group is to provide a space for community service psychologists to reflect together on their work experience. Community service posts vary in terms of the amount of contact the psychologist will have with other mental health professionals and/or opportunities to discuss their work and receive supervision. This is often a significant change from the preceding years of Masters training and can feel quite challenging for psychologists who are finding their feet as professionals. The group aims to address this need by providing a space for psychologists to discuss cases and more general aspects of their placement.  Community service also tends to bring psychologists into contact with high levels of trauma; the support group provides a much-needed space for community service psychologists to process the effects of this type of work on them both professionally and personally.  


Location: UCT Child Guidance Clinic, Rondebosch

Time: 2.30 -4pm

Days:  every second Friday

Size:  maximum 8 members

Cost:  R150 per session

Contact: EMILITA PECEGO (MA Clinical Psychology UCT; MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology UCL)

 084 227 0197