My Group

Anna facilitates a group titled My Group which addresses that which group members bring, such as: personal, relational life, wellness problems, depression, bereavement, suicidal feelings, experience difficulties or stress in social situations, may be healing from earlier painful life experiences, etc.
The group method is informed by group principles with an interest in unconscious individual and group dynamics. Through spontaneous conversation, mutual feedback from group members and the group conductor, members explore personal feelings, challenges and resources, seeking creative options and solutions.

Location: 11 Rouwkoop Road, Rondebosch.

Time: 19h15 for 90 minutes

Days: Wednesdays

Cost: R200.00 per session per person

Assessment interviews: Individual interviews consist of three sessions with each​ ​applicant to discuss suitability, fit and mutual expectations.The maximum group size is 9 members. The conductor will invite new members from time to time to maintain group numbers.

Contact: Anna Varney-Wong​ ​(​

Tel​ ​072 387 3900

Further information:​