Weekly Psychotherapy Group

This ongoing psychotherapy group consists of a maximum of 8 members. Members meet on a weekly basis during school terms, breaking for school holidays. The facilitated group acts as a container, creating a safe space in which personal and interpersonal issues can emerge, be explored and understood so that healing can take place. The group requires a minimum commitment of 1 year, but members can stay for as long as they choose. Issues dealt with include relationships, depression, anxiety, unresolved past trauma and current life events. Group psychotherapy is a highly effective and cost-efficient form of therapy.

Location:                11 Rouwkoop Road, Rondebosch

Time:                       08h30 – 10h00

Days:                        Wednesday

Cost:                         R290 per session (can be claimed from Medical Aid)

Contact:                  Monica Spiro, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst

                                  (021 7941577)