Educators Training in Group Analytic Concepts

This one year programme was initiated in 2011.  It is open to experienced teachers and those in leadership positions in schools.  This training is offered as a professional development opportunity for staff in schools who wish to deepen their understanding of the unconscious psychological processes that shape the behavior of individuals in groups. The school as an organisation is a fertile ground for group dynamics that can either enhance or inhibit teaching, learning and staff relationships. This training presents a unique opportunity for educators in schools to develop their insight into the group analytic concepts and group dynamics that have an impact on teaching, learning and schools.

Many educators work with troubled children. Teaching involves relationships not only with these children, but also with staff, parents and other adults.  It is an emotionally charged situation that can result in stress and anxiety for educators.  Prolonged work stress can affect health and wellbeing and impact on personal and professional relationships.  The programme will assist educators in maintaining an ‘attitude of mind’ that will facilitate teaching and learning and assist in lowering the levels of personal stress experienced in the school context.  The participants gain an understanding from an analytic perspective into the personal and organisational defences that are activated to manage the anxiety.

The programme promises to be informative, thought-provoking, practical and potentially transformative.

When and What: The programme runs for a year and coincides with school terms, breaking for school holidays. The next course will begin in January 2020 and will continue until December 2020.

The training has two components:

January 2020 – December 2020

1.  Participants will form a median group with a maximum of twelve members. The experiential group is  a supportive and confidential setting that allows for both meaningful connection and engagement with organisational dynamics.  This enables personal growth and an opportunity to gain more insight into the group processes at school.  As a result, educators are able to respond to their work environment with more understanding and less stress.  The group, facilitated by Kevashini Govender, will meet on a weekly basis during school terms on a Monday evening 18.45 – 20.15. The group will be run as a therapy group and thus has the potential to engender greater self insight and an understanding of group processes.  It also will provide a supportive confidential space for teachers to explore some of the frustrations and difficulties they experience.  Educators are drawn from diverse socioeconomic educational settings which enables a rich and unique learning opportunity.

2.  A monthly theoretical seminar will take place on a Thursday evening 17.30 – 19.00 facilitated by Jeanne Freed.  These seminars are an opportunity to engage with the formal theory of group processes and  concepts that pertain to teaching, learning and development.  There will be a total of 10 seminars.  Two or so readings will be provided for each seminar.  These readings will form the preparation for the seminars.  The seminar component of the programme aims to create a safe learning space where ideas can be freely and creatively explored, debated and integrated.

Seminar topics include:

  • An introduction to how groups operate in schools.
  • Individual development during the different stages of childhood.
  • Learning as an emotionally charged relational activity.
  • The role of hopes and fears in learning.
  • Understanding the nature of the relationship between teacher and pupil.
  • The pain of learning and learning from experience.
  • The relationship between teachers and parents.
  • Projection and projective identification in the classroom.
  • The organization in the mind; a pupil’s relationship with the school.
  • School as a transitional space where play and healing can occur.
  • Problems in groups.
  • A group-analytic understanding of disruptive behavior in schools.
  • A group-analytic understanding of learning difficulties.

3.  Four lectures over the course of the year will be offered once a term on a Saturday morning from 9.00 -10.30am.   These special interest lectures will be presented by various individuals, including visiting group psychotherapists.  The lectures will cover a broad range of topics, often attempting to integrate group analytic theory with our South African context. This quarterly lecture will be followed by a once a term large group from 11.00 -12.30.  These quarterly meetings are open to the total membership of the Centre for Group Analytic Studies.

CPTD (Continued Professional Teacher Development): The programme has applied for CPTD points.

Where:  Experiential group and seminars will take place at The Centre for Group Analytic Studies, 11 Rouwkoop Road, Rondebosch.   The quarterly meetings take place at the Barnard Fuller Building, Health Sciences Faculty, UCT.

Successful completion of the training requires 80% attendance at each of the components of the course.  All participants will receive a certificate on completion.

Cost: The cost for the course is R 12 000.00; or R 3 000.00 per term. Participants can choose to pay annually in advance, receiving a R900.00 discount, or can pay quarterly.   Fees include weekly experiential groups, monthly seminars, and quarterly large groups and lectures. Seminar papers will be available electronically via dropbox unless hard copies are requested.  This will be at an additional cost of R350.00 for a set of all the readings.

Participants will either receive an account annually or quarterly, as elected. Annual accounts will be issued  mid January and payment will be due by the end of January. Quarterly accounts will be issued at the beginning of each term, and payment will be due within the first 2 weeks of term, unless a prior arrangement has been made. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or EFT. Medical aid statements will be provided at the end of each term as the full costs of the experiential therapy groups can be claimed from medical aid. 

A non-refundable registration fee of R 600.00 is requested on application.  Once participants accept a place on the programme, they will be committing to the training and to the full cost of the programme for the duration of the 12 months.

Registration Fee R 600.00
Course Fee:   Quarterly                 R 3 000.00
Total Cost:   R 12,600.00

*NOTE: Fees paid annually will receive a R 900.00 reduction for the year

*NOTE: Experiential group psychotherapy sessions can be claimed from medical aid.